Cherokee Landing TT in Tennessee

While camping at Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails in Tennessee


Campsite– We found a camping site that has direct tv satellite reception, at&t, verizon with our wifi, 50 amps, electric/water only, plenty of room, birds, deer & trees. We had plenty of room to relax. The campground was very quiet.

Childhood Memory Moment- We saw a lightning bug one night. It flew around our campsite. When I was a child I remember seeing them on a camping trip through the South. My family camped near a pond with trees around it on the way to see my dad’s parents in Pennsylvania. I remember sitting outside with a jar hoping to catch some.


Birdwatching– The Summer Tanager is a new bird to us. Its exciting to add a new bird to my bird list. Adding a new bird to our life list is like an Elvis fan going to Graceland or comic fan going to comic-con. Its a good high. I also spotted a white-breasted nuthatch climbing up a tree. It was dropping tree bark on me as it climbed on a branch above me. lol


Local Restaurant– Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Coulterville has hot coffee and a variety of muffins with a nice crust on top and soft insides. Southwind Restaurant in Middleton has hot coffee, southern patty sausage with good flavor and a biscuit that is mouth-watering. Corky’s Ribs & BBQ in Memphis has dry rub ribs that are flavorful.

Corinth Interpretive Center – This center’s exhibits include information about the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege and Battle of Corinth. Corinth was an important military advantage for the army that has control of it because two railroads came together here. The North wanted to cut off the supplies to the confederates here.


Shiloh National Military Park in Shiloh- has a visitor center with civil war artifacts, 40-minute film, a bookstore with national park stamps inside and a driving tour of the park. This was an intense battle. I had to see the 40-minute film to understand the significance of why was this area significant. The North was trying to cut off the supplies of the Confederates here.

Happy RVing!

Next, more on our Tennessee adventures.

Local Cafes & Restaurants

National Stamps

Bird Life List

Bird Spotting

  • Summer Tanager
  • White-breasted Nuthatch
  • Chipping Sparrow
  • Wild Turkeys
  • Crow
  • Black Vulture

5 thoughts on “Cherokee Landing TT in Tennessee

  1. We get excited whenever we see a pretty bird! We’ve never been able to identify them – we need an Audubon book to help us.
    We enjoy Civil War History, so this is something we need to book mark for a future trip!

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