Ticks, Copper Pans and Walking

While camping at Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails in Tennessee


Tick Removal:  Kevin saw a tick on our Yorkie Joey. The tick buried its head into Joey’s neck. Kevin and I took turns holding the dog and gently removing the tick from his neck. Our Yorkie was glad to have the tick removed. It was gross. We bought tick medicine for him afterward, I wish we had bought it sooner. I was told the campground was sprayed for ticks. I found two ticks during our stay. I don’t want to think about how many more ticks would be in the area if thousand trails staff hadn’t sprayed.

New Pans: Kevin and I are trying the new copper pans from Walmart. He bought a flat pan for cooking grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs, bacon and using on his bbq outside.  I bought a 9.5-inch pan for cooking veggies and heating chicken for fajitas. The copper pans are working out so far, only time will tell how sturdy they are.


Plenty of open camping sites here but not many big rig sites

Walking: Kevin and I entered the Goal Day 2017 for Fitbit. Our Fitbit goal is 10,000 steps or 4 miles today. I’ve changed my Fitbit strategy. We saw two American Robins on our walk this morning. Kevin and I both reached our Daily Fitbit Goal today.

Happy RVing!

Next, Camping at Natchez Thousand Trails in Tennessee.

 Bird Spotting

  • American Robin
  • Chipping Sparrow
  • Blue-grey Gnatcatcher  (new life lister)
  • Red-bellied Woodpecker (new life lister)

12 thoughts on “Ticks, Copper Pans and Walking

  1. Being from PA ticks have always been a nightmare. But this year it sounds like the ticks are the worst they’ve been. It scares me because the deer ticks are so tiny and tough to find. Be careful out there;)

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  2. They were saying on the news that the ticks infestations are worse this year than they’ve been in forever. Keep a close eye on all of you guys. Doing great on your Fitbit challenge.

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  3. We love our small red copper pan, we bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond nearly six months ago. It’s still looking brand-new but we use it almost daily! We’re about ready to buy the larger one – we need to get rid of our old Life Time pots and pans…..they have sentimental value. We just don’t cook that way anymore….
    They said the ticks this year will be really bad on the eastern coast mountains. Glad you found the one before it was too hard to remove.

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  4. Look into Nexgard. It’s a chewable for ticks/fleas/mosquitoes. They take it once a month. Works great. Our dog has been using it for 3 years now. It’s rare for him to ever het a tick. We might find one ON him once in a while, but they don’t bite, just fall off I guess. On the other hand, my husband has had two on him this past week! Too bad they don’t have chewables for people!

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  5. Don’t know if you have tried this,but it works great for us – we have a Sr. Chihuahua that does not tolerate the regular flea and tick preventative prescribed by all the vets. We spray him with a solution of 1 1/2 cup water+ 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, + 12 drops peppermint oil, 12 drops lavender oil and 6 drops Rose geranium oil. It works very well as a preventative (and we use it too) . On the very rare occasion that he does get a tick, we put a drop of Tea Tree oil directly on the tick – within a few minutes it backs out and releases it’s hold and can just be scraped off or removed with tweezers and you don’t have to worry about leaving part of it behind to cause infection. Ticks really hate the Tea Tree oil! – It’s easily available at any Whole Foods, Earthfare, etc and also at some Wagreen’s and CVS.

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