Interesting Places in Oregon

Oregon State Mental Health Museum
One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest Film Location

Kevin and I are in Keizer Oregon until after the Solar Eclipse. We decided to find a tour in the area. I found the Oregon State Mental Health Museum tour. The museum is located next to the Oregon State Mental Hospital. The cost of the self-guided tour is $5.00. A volunteer who worked at the hospital walks around explaining things and answers questions. This photo is the museum entrance.


The reason we picked this tour is that the movie One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest was filmed here. The movie is played continually at the museum. Most of the original hospital has been demolished except for the front area and cupola used for the mental health museum.

The stories are plentiful at the museum. One story is on accident (was is), rat poison was grabbed in the storage room instead of flour and many people died that day. Many women were put into the mental hospital for ridiculous reasons like reading a novel, religious enthusiasm, bad company, infertility etc.



The museum has displays of the many “therapies” of the day. They had this strange therapy called Tunnel Therapy. I don’t know if this was sanctioned by the staff but the patients could head on down to the underground tunnels for some “love therapy” with each other on the cement floor. Very Strange!

They also have a memorial area for the 3,000 patients that died here & no family claimed their bodies. No one knew about these cremated bodies until a few years ago. There are 1500 patients unaccountable for. Where are those bodies?



We never saw Nurse Ratched at the museum or Jack Nicholson. I was really hoping to see one of them. The museum was worth our time. Its not every day you get to see where Jack Nicholson hung out.

Willamette Pie Company in Silverton Oregon

Kevin and I headed over to the local pie company. This pie company has been around since 1986. The Company has several buildings on the property.


There’s a small cafe that sells muffins, pies, coffee, ice cream, smoothies, turnovers etc. We split a pie slice of Marionberry Crunch Pie with ice cream. The combination of crunchy pie crust, marionberries, and vanilla ice cream was exquisite. Kevin and I are lucky to be on a Fitbit Challenge this week to walk off the slice of pie & ice cream we split. The company sells jams, Amish popcorn, seasonings, soap, bbq sauce and more at the store. I saw an area for kids to ride small bikes outside next to a hot dog stand.



The Town of Independence 

Kevin and I stopped at the Independence Elks Lodge to pick up an Elks lodge pin for our collections. The Independence Elks Lodge pin is really nice. It has a covered wagon on it. The Secretary told us of several places to have brunch and entertained us with things going on in the area.  Then, we walked over to the Second Chance used books store. We’re hoping to pick up some field guides for our nature identification hobby. The store didn’t have any field guides we could use but we had a good time looking at all the used books.



The Pink House Cafe has been in the area since the 1800’s. The two-story house is converted into a cafe. The locals have no problem telling their ghost story experiences they had while in the house.  I liked the ghost stories the waitress told us because she genuinely believes in such things. She experienced feelings of a little girl playing with her hair while she slept in the upstairs rooms.

Happy RVing!

Next, the Solar Eclipse.

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  1. That sounds like a fun tour. Seems like everyone is in Oregon this year. We’ll be there next year and have to look back on all these posts. Lots of fun and unique things to see and do even if we’ve been there before.

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