About Us

Kevin and Janet 


“It is good people who make good places.” ― Anna Sewell

We have been married since Jan 1992. We raised three kids together that are now adults. Kevin retired from the water reclamation field. I retired from a part-time job in the childcare field.  We live fulltime in our Tiffin Allegro Open Road Class A Motorhome since June 2015. Kevin and recently bought an RV pad at Rancho RV Park in Aguanga California.

Hobbies together: Elks lodge pin collecting, Fitbit walking, weight watchers, sci-fi & fantasy movie fans, beachcomber,  farmers market supporters, used books store enthusiast, geocaching, lighthouse enthusiast, nature identification, wildlife spotting, birding & rving.

Kevin’s hobbies are fantasy football, prog rock, reading, journaling, hiking stick trail medallions & games.

Janet’s hobbies are readingnational passport stamp collecting, blogging & weight watcher lifetime member.

Kevin and I are traveling the USA and building friendships along the way.

This is our My Place map on RVillage.

I”m Janet I do the posting on the blog. I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment!

About this blog

I have the pages on top of the blog organized by categories. If you’re interested in a category hover your mouse over the topic then click on the state or topic.

Any questions email me at exploringusa48@gmail.com. We like to help out fellow RVer’s and Elks members. Sincerely  Janet

123 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nice to see others going thru the same plans as us! We don’t have a blog yet ….we are in Central Florida in case you ever come this way…we live in a modest 55+ community called The Woodlands at Church Lake, which we think we will hold onto and winter in Florida. We have our Rig, now just working on getting it and the truck paid off! We also bought a 1.5 acre RV lot in the N GA mountains, called Ridgebrook at Blue Ridge, if you guys like to hike it is a really neat spot. Let us know once you are on the road, and maybe we can meet there for a few days of amazing hiking!

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  2. Keep your focus on your future!! If we can do it then anyone can! 🙂 We are DEBT FREE and loving the life we are building in our little home on wheels! Just keep your dream ALIVE!

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  3. We did it! We traveled 7 years with our 31 ft 5th Wheel. Loved it! Sold everything except 3 footlockers with our yearbooks and other personal items. Those were stored at my sisters. It’s a great country out there. “Mosey”ed more than “zoomed” around. Got to 37 states. It is hard to believe that we have been “off the road” 9 years already. Dan retired at 57. It is an economical way to live if you have some memberships or lots like you mentioned.
    Good luck on the planning. Wished I had been more of a birdwatcher back then.

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  4. We have been SnowBirds for 3 winters now in a affordabe Class A Gas Bounder motorhome. Life has been great! If you love the outdoors, people, travelling and more then this may be the life for you! Keep your eyes on the Goal and just make it happen! We downsized our home after our 2nd year and decided to stay in real estate so that we have a nest egg if we ever have to quit RVing. This year we are doing the circumference of the USA, having come from western Canada where we reside in the summers. RVing can be as expensive or cheap as you make it. Coming from where we live we find it quite affordable if we stay away for the 5+ Star resorts. Gas is likely our biggest expense but parking in one spot for a while off sets that. Boondocking on BLM Lands and utilizing the odd Wal-Mart or Casino parking lot can help too if you are on a tight budget. There are always ways to make things work if you want them bad enough and I would encourage you to do research. You can follow our mistakes, antics and fun on our Blog at: http://boundingtheborders.blogspot.com/ Cheers!

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  5. Best wishes for you to achieve your goal! Hubby still works full time and will do so for about ten more years, but we are already enjoying a paid-off home and a “new to us” Class A motor home as of 2 1/2 years ago. it is a great way to take affordable vacations, and we also get to take our four-legged pals that we adore along with us, as well as a family member or two from time to time. You will love it. Hang onto the dream and it will be yours before you know it!

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  6. Stumbled across you on a comment you made to another post. Sounds like we have a lot in common. We had the same dream and kind of jumped in with both feet. Still trying to figure out WordPress. Anyway, check us out at wow.wherervtoday.com

    See you down the road!!

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  7. Robin was 52 and I “just 40” when we were able to go full-time. No regrets. We have made (and still do make) lots of mistakes. ha ha laugh and learn.

    speaking of learning. I am really new to blogging. It looks like you know how to do “pages”, or “menus”, or whatever it is called to have the topics at the top of the page and be organized/topics/categories under them. . . . . . can you help me?
    I am happy to share phone and email for contact. http://wp.me/P4i0ae-x

    I have read the help pages and they do not help. my page looks like baked oatmeal is the most important thing in my life. see? I wanted it to say “interests” then have recipes/books/crafts/etc under that . .

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  8. Hello Kevin and Janet. I like your about page and your blog. Your husband’s line of work is very close to what mine was before I retired. I was the superintendent of water distribution in my city before retiring. It is nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog, LifeInLorain, and best wishes with your goals. -Mark

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  9. Thanks for viewing my blog and leading me to your site! It is always a pleasure to meet other people that enjoy the same type of activities. I look forward to reading about your adventures!!

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  10. Always good to find someone in the RV world who does genealogy too! Good luck in your journey. It was a rough year for us, but we did it. In our case, my work was moving to Chicago and I had no desire to go nor did hubby. So we put the house on the market living in the RV we had bought. Paid off bills to get down to just the RV payment. While we actually have a few more bills than that, we are learning to live with the little bit of retirement we get and pay against them and not go out of budget. Stick to your plan and you will get there!

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  11. We are also in the infancy of planning to leave it all behind and go do what we both said we would when we graduated HS…you know back in the days when God was a boy 🙂 I am amazed at how many folks do this! Good Luck.

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  12. Our nest is empty and we are having the time of our lives!! The hubs and I enjoy day trips, nature and photograpy!! Thanks for visiting Its All About Purple, have a wonderful Sunday!!

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  13. Our first RV adventure (actually the first time I ever slept in one) was an 11-day excursion in Alaska in a 32 foot with our daughter and husband and their 2 small daughters. We did not know waht to expect and had some trepidation, but it turned out to be one of the greatest vacations ever. We rented the RV in Anchorage and is was such a joy to only unpack once instead of staying in a string of motels.

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  14. Thanks for stopping by and following ritgertravels.com. We aren’t full time but I like to be out about 100 nights or so a year. We are retired but I haven’t been ready to go full time and sell our house. Too many ties to sever after living there for 34 years. And, now we have grandchildren less than hour away! We are torn with a kid and grandkids on each coast so we make lots of cross country and trips out west.

    I hope you guys reach your goals next year and wish you the best!

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  15. Hi Janet, I just found you from Honeydidyouseethat. My husband and I are on a track to retire and start RVing about the same time as you, 2015ish. 😉 We are hoping for sooner, but 2015 is probably realistic. I currently blog about motorcycling, and a few other topics, and our plan is to tow our motorcycles with the RV and then blog about that experience. For now, I just blog about our bike trips. I have learned so much from the couple of RV blogs I have followed, and I look forward to adding yours to that list! We haven’t bought ours yet and are still narrowing down the models by going to RV shows. Cheers, Lynne http://curvyroads.info/

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      • Thank you! I guess you have already purchased your RV, based on this page, I wonder if you have written anything about your RV choosing process? We are struggling with SO many choices. I know that the huge RV show we will attend in January in Tampa will only confuse us more, if we don’t have a plan. 🙂

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      • Its a overwhelming process. I’m glad we are done with it.
        We looked at many different RV’s. At Rv shows I would like one motorhome then the next year another 😦 but I’m glad we went them
        I had to consider
        Cost Comfort
        Floor Plan was a big thing for me – I like my floor plan
        What type of refrigerator?
        Size of the RV?
        The questions are endless but when the right one showed up it worked.

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      • That is exactly how we have been! We get on a kick for one, then find another one we like even better. Definitely floor plan, size of fridge, size of bed (we’d really like a king), W/D availability, etc, etc. You would think these things alone would limit the choices, but they really don’t! I am hoping the right one will show up for us too! 🙂

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