Zoo Bird List (26)

Safari Park in Escondido, California
October 5, 2013

1. Roseate Spoonbill-Southern USA, Central Argentine, Chile
2. African Spoonbill-Cambato, Sudan, Cape Province
3. Chilean Flamingo=Peru
4. Moluccan Radjah Shelduck=Oceana
5. Pink Backed Pelican=Africa
6. White-breasted Cormorant-Africa
7. Western-White Crowned Robin Chat-Africa
8.White-bellied Bustad-Africa
9.Emerald Starling-Africa

African Trail
10.Hooded Vulture
11. Western Egyptian Vulture
12. South African Shelduck
13. Demoiselle Crane-Asia & Africa
14.East African Crowned Crane
15.Secretary Bird
16.European White Stork-Europe
17.Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
18.Giant Flamingo-Europe, Asia, Africa
19.African Sacred Ibis-Asia, Africa
20.Greater Flamingo-Europe, Asia, Africa
21.Lesser Flamingo=Asia, Africa

Tram Ride
22.Repel Vulture
23.Grey Crane
24.Yellow Billed stork
25.Western Crowned Crane

Entrance of Zoo
26. Golden Eagle

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